Flamme Fishabil
In 1984, at the age of 15, Raphael Faraggi created the brand and the logo FISHABIL for fishing activities. In 1989 he created SA FISHABIL in order to manage the European Specimen Angling Centre. Le Lac
The fishing centre was completed after 2 years of substantial redevelopment, which included diverting the river that originally run through the middle of the lake, to it's new location today. The lake was made larger to allow 50 swims, a hotel was created together with facilities making this the biggest World fishery. L'hotel
After a few years Fishabil became the first fishing centre, and over the years it has hosted some of the most prestigious fishing  events.   Fishabil  has  hosted  2  world  carp  cups, 5 eliminating heats, the open Declic, the Cadet Clic, and the "La Rencontre". So far Fishabil has produced 8 world records which have been verified by the international federation of sport fishing. Coupe du Monde 2000
In 2001 Fishabil also organised the 48th world championship of fishing in paris, which took place all over the French capital, with 700,000 spectators. Paris 2001
In 2002 Raphael Faraggi wanted to move on with other projects, and although he remained the owner of the place, he introduced a manager. Ian Starmer ran Fishabil for 10 years until the end of 2011, then Mark Kelynack ran it up to the end of 2021. When Raphael Faraggi felt he wanted to make new improvements to the centre a new team was put in place. It is now Mark WALSH who will take the control of the fishery. He has a long experience in fishery management and will improved facilities to make anglers holidays a comfortable and most enjoyable stay. Fishabil will once again offer the very best service the angling world can experience. Logo Fishabil
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FISHABIL - European Specimen Angling Centre - 22230 - Loscouët sur Meu